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ClariVein (MOCA – Mechano – Chemical Ablation) at Vein Care Clinic in New Jersey

ClariVein Is a New Minimally Invasive Treatment for Saphenous Vein Reflux. Immediate Recovery Time. Call Us to Schedule a Consultation.

Clarivein (MOCA – Mechano – Chemical Ablation) at Advanced Vascular Vein Care Specialists in New Jersey

We are pleased to offer to our patients a new treatment for saphenous vein reflux called “ClariVein®” (also known as “Mechano-Chemical Ablation” or MOCA).

ClariVein is used to close malfunctioning saphenous veins. However, instead of heating the vein like a laser, it destroys the vein painlessly using a combination of a medication and a gentle internal abrading of the vein’s inner lining.

The procedure starts with a small needle stick of anesthesia to numb a spot on the skin. Dr. Cohen then inserts a fine needle into the vein and threads a thin catheter painlessly into the vein. No further anesthesia is needed. When the device is turned on, a fine, soft wire starts spinning inside the vein simultaneously with the injection of a sclerosing medication. All of this takes just a few minutes and is painless. When complete, you will be able to immediately walk out and resume your normal activities.

Unlike heat technologies like laser, ClariVein requires no anesthesia except for a small injection at the very start of the procedure. And there is no risk of thermal injury to skin or surface nerves.


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