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Dialysis and Venous Access Management for Kidney Failure in New Jersey

At Advanced Vascular Associates, We Provide the Latest and Most Effective Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Patients With Kidney Conditions.

Dialysis for Kidney Failure Care Near Me New Jersey

At Advanced Vascular Associates, we combine medical excellence, state-of-the-art technology, and a compassionate, team-based approach to quickly diagnose and treat your condition.


For patients whose kidneys are severely diseased, we offer dialysis access services. Our fistula rates are among the highest in the country and we have received numerous awards for our dialysis access care.

Dialysis Access. When your kidneys are unable to filter your blood effectively, hemodialysis (dialysis) may be necessary. In dialysis, a machine called a dialyzer performs the function of your kidneys by filtering your blood. In dialysis access, a doctor creates an easy-to-access entry site into your bloodstream. Often placed under the skin in your arm, leg, or chest, it enables quick, safe, and easy flow of blood to and from your body during dialysis. Dialysis removes waste and excess minerals, such as salt and potassium, from your blood, and helps to control your blood pressure. Blood moves through a tube from your body to the dialyzer. The dialyzer filters your blood and then it returns to your body through another tube. At Advanced Vascular Associates, we offer the full range of dialysis access and dialysis access management, including:

  • Fistulas
  • Grafts
  • Catheters

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