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I am extremely pleased with Advanced Vascular Vein Care. After the birth of my second child, I had painful varicose veins coupled with a job that required me to stand on my feet for 8 hours at a time. I would come home from work and could barely find the energy to do anything more than lay down and rest my throbbing legs. I was so sedentary that I put on considerable weight. I finally decided to make an appointment with Dr. Cohen. I had vascular work done that allowed me to resume a more active lifestyle. I was able to shed 50 pounds and have never felt better. My only regret was waiting so long to make an appointment. The procedures were painless and the recovery time was minimal. Thank you Advanced Vascular Vein Care.
– Patty

Thank you very much for the great attention and services offered not only to me, but also to my assistant. Your loving and caring is taken to heart.
– Gustavo G., D.M.D.

A note of thanks to you! I must say I have never been more pleased with the care and treatment rendered by you and your staff, as compared to countless other physicians and their somewhat lacking care and consideration for their patients’ time and well-being. I am doing fine and had very little discomfort!
– Paula D.

I want to thank you so much for taking care of my varicose veins. This year my legs have been pain free and full of energy. I now take a dancercise class, do all my housework, and am able to care for my very active granddaughter!
– Nancy C.

I could no longer function normally and take care of everyday things without dealing with strong pain and the need to elevate my leg often. My fears of taking care of my problem were alleviated when meeting Dr. Cohen and his skilled, caring staff! A laser procedure and a phlebectomy changed my outlook on facing each day free from pain. Recovery was a gift, able to be on my feet and do whatever I needed to do. I cannot thank Dr. Cohen and his staff enough for my gift!”
– Ruth H.

Thank you for always doing your very best for Dad. We appreciate you always doing what was best for Dad and for always making him feel worthy of being treated as a breathing human being and not some ‘old sick man’.
– The Danielian family

To the Best Doctor on the Planet:
I write this note to both thank you and commend you on your medical acumen as well as your ethical response to my medical condition. You diagnosed and responded to my serious vein problem, and I am certain you saved my leg and perhaps my life.
Kudos and heart felt love to you.
– Sheldon Weiser, M.D.

Thanks for your excellent, very professional, technical, doctor skills and fixing my leg venous issues. I also really appreciate your super responsiveness in answering all my many questions before and after the several different procedures you performed. That really made me more knowledgeable and comfortable.
– Howard

Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff,
A few days after my second laser procedure, I slept through the night for the first time in six years and I’ve been able to sleep through the night ever since. No more throbbing, no more aches, no more muscle spasms, no more covering my leg to hide the bulging veins, no more vascular hose and no more muscle spasms!!!
– Tricia

Dear Dr. Cohen,
After twelve long years of failed medical attention I began to lose faith and honestly believe that I was going to have to live with this unknown condition. After one visit to your center you have lifted this tremendous burden from my life.
– Maureen

Thank you for your promptness, your caring, and most of all your attention and love for our father. I recently heard people in the waiting room say that you are wonderful, heartful, caring, and a true loving doctor! All I added was that you are a part of my family forever! You are a heartfelt doctor to your patients and most of all a truly wonderful human being! Thank you!
– The Lahham family

I was referred by my friend, who’s a nurse. She knew that I usually stay away from doctors. But when she hears that I was experiencing pain and swelling in my legs, and it had been going on for years, she motivated me to see a doctor and assured me Dr. Cohen is one of the best.
– Doris

A friend suggested I see Dr. Cohen because he was successful with her leg issues. So I made an appointment. All I can say is I was pleased from start to finish with the care I received from Dr. Cohen and his staff…
– Sheri

Dr. Cohen came highly recommended and his credentials and years of experience were obvious to me on the first consultation. At that first meeting, Dr. Cohen listened to my concerns as a mother, an educator and as a triathlete…I felt that I was in the presence of a strong, confident and very capable surgeon, and a gentlemen.
– Marianne

Dear Dr. Cohen, I am so happy that I saw your advertisement and came to your vein center. Your treatment was really painless and it did the job. Bless you and thank you so much!
– Iris

I thought I was doomed, until I met Dr. Cohen. After just 4 simple procedures my legs are gorgeous and varicose vein free. I couldn‘t be more thrilled or recommend Dr. Cohen and his fabulous staff more highly.
– Susan

I just had my varicose veins treated using the new laser procedure by Dr. David Cohen!! I couldn’t be happier with my results and being a walker, my legs feel great! If anyone needs treatments for varicose or spider veins see Dr. Cohen! It was fast and painless! Thanks!!!
– Lynn

I’ve been treated by Dr. Cohen for both varicose veins and spider veins — he’s amazing and so was his office They took care of all the insurance paperwork, etc. I also sent my mother-in-law to him and she had great results as well.
– Delia P.

I would just like to say how satisfied I have been. The results are outstanding. I am 63 years old and prior to the procedures I felt like I was walking around like a 90 year-old. I now have a spring in my step.
– Jude D.

“My experience with the office and staff has been unexpected, but appreciated. The office runs like a finely tuned clock and the entire staff, both front office and rear, is pleasant and efficient. My constant leg discomfort has been relieved in only a few short weeks!! Thank you to Dr. Cohen and his staff!!”
– Sandra

“I am very pleased with how the doctor and his staff treated me. It is very easy to see that everyone knows exactly what they are doing and cares about results. I saw an improvement in my leg ulcer starting the next day! I will recommend others to his office.”
– Frank K.



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