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Am I Too Old For Vein Treatment?

older patient speaking with physician

By Dr. Cohen

Like most conditions, vein problems typically get worse over time.  As a result, elderly people often have the most advanced vein problems.

While it is good medical practice usually to be more conservative when treating elderly patients, it doesn’t mean that older patients with serious vein problem can’t be treated.

The good news is that most vein treatments are actually very easy to tolerate for older patients and don’t result in any prolonged recovery or immobility.  Furthermore, most vein treatments are not prevented by most other medical conditions which are common in older patients.  Generally, there is no need for fasting or interrupting medications for our vein treatments.

So, long story short, we have provided vein treatments to many patients well into their 90’s (even a few >100!) with excellent results.  Naturally, we tailor the treatment plan according to the patient’s age and underlying medical conditions.

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About us: There are 20 million Americans with vein problems that can seriously affect the quality of their lives. And as we age, they just get worse. As one of the few New Jersey medical practices committed exclusively to vein care, Advanced Vascular Vein Care is uniquely capable of alleviating those problems, whether they are medical or cosmetic. All treatments are non-surgical, usually covered by insurance, and delivered in an office setting. And we do it as it should be done – with compassion, excellence, affordability, convenience, and the personal touch. Call 973-540-9700 or visit for a quick and easy consultation.

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