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Don’t I Need These Veins?

Painful varicose and spider veins on woman's legs

By Dr. Cohen

 “Doc, don’t I need these veins?” We’re asked this all the time when advising patients to close or remove their problem veins. And it’s a good question.

The simple answer is “No.” First, these veins never did much even when they were working normally. They only serve the skin which doesn’t need much blood flow anyway. 

Secondly, the veins in question have leaky valves and the blood flow is reversed from normal. You’ve been living without these veins already for years! You definitely don’t need that. 

Thirdly, the veins deeper in the legs, called the deep veins, are the important ones for getting the blood back to your heart, and fortunately these veins are usually normal and would not be affected by your treatment. In fact, with the leaky veins gone, the deep veins will have less work to do. So treatment of your varicose veins will therefore lead to a major improvement in your leg’s circulation. This means less swelling, less pain, less skin damage, and better looking legs too.

The only reason you might need these superficial veins is if you ever needed bypass surgery. These veins are often used to create the bypasses themselves. If you are at risk of needing bypass surgery you should discuss this with your doctor before having your veins closed. But you should know that nowadays, with the use of angioplasty and stents, vascular surgery isn’t usually needed. And there are many other ways to create bypasses in the event your

veins had been closed or removed with vein surgery or other treatments.

Remember that the circulation in your leg will IMPROVE after these problem veins are shut down! Your deep veins will have less work to do and your leg will feel better. 

So, the best answer to the question would be, “Sure those veins were good for you when they were worked. But when they’re flowing the wrong way, you’re definitely better off without them.”

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