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Leg Vein Treatment in Teaneck, Morristown, Northern New Jersey

Vein doctors at Advanced Vascular Vein Care uses Varithena Injections to effectively treat saphenous vein reflux in the legs. Call our office in Teaneck (973) 755-9253 or Morristown (973) 755-9206 to schedule a consultation.

Varithena at Advanced Vascular Vein Care Specialists in New Jersey

We are now able to offer to our patients a new treatment for saphenous vein reflux called Varithena®. Varithena has been shown to improve both symptoms and appearance. Similar to laser treatment (EVLA), this method is used to close malfunctioning saphenous veins. But unlike the laser, it can also treat the bulging varicose veins at the same time, often preventing the need for additional procedures. Instead of heating the vein like a laser, Varithena injects a special “microfoam” created by the combination of a medication called Polidocanol with a gas mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which destroys the vein painlessly from the inside. The procedure starts with a small anesthetic needle stick to numb a spot on the skin. Dr. Cohen then inserts a fine needle into the vein and threads a thin catheter into the vein. No further anesthesia is needed. Then the microfoam is injected painlessly through the catheter, while it is monitored with ultrasound. All of this takes only a few minutes and is painless. A compression wrap is then put on the leg and the patient walks out of the office a few minutes later to resume normal activities. Unlike heat technologies like laser, Varithena requires no anesthesia except for a small injection at the very start of the procedure, making this an essentially painless treatment. And there is no risk of thermal injury to skin or surface nerves.

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